A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are a space technician sent to far away automated space station.  Once there, the station is really quiet, systems seem off.  You will discover very quickly the cause

This game have be done during the MetroidVaniaMonth : https://itch.io/jam/metroidvania-month-5

I begin with some late, on Friday  6 Sep, so this game was done in a week

Keys :

  • "awsd / qzsd" for movement, jumping
  • "space" for shooting + "up" or "down" to shoot to up or down
  • "f" to interact with things

Missing features for minimal release :

  • No Musics
  • Following instruction about reactors does nothing
  • Gamepad support (I don't have one :( )

Know bugs :

  • Sometime path-finding doesn't work for enemies
  • Player movement on wall are not really good

Made with :

See source code : https://github.com/nealith/SblorbKiller
Sfx :


SblorbKiller_windows.zip 15 MB
SblorbKiller_mac.zip 17 MB
SblorbKiller_linux.zip 17 MB


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Thank you, I had fun playing this.

- shooting downwards let me jump on and on effectively flying (don't know if that's intended)

- When I open a hatch I have to move out of its sprite before I can use (f) it

The first is a bug feature

Yeah, sometime the system of area doesn't work very well, maybe I should make them smaller so the character can't be in the area of the control panel and in the area of the hatch. I don't have something in my code that forbid the hatch area if the guy is also in panel command area, I don't understand why the character is not detected ....

Just to add one precision (can't modify the game page during the gamejam voting period). When your are killed by a sblorb, you are send to start point, but the game is not reset, enemies you killed stay dead :)