A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Your are a model of new generation car, equipped with a skin of sensors that allow to feel the wind and the sun like a human. You enjoy driving endlessly for sensations, but that is not the opinion of your owner that launch police at your pursuit.

Don't let them stop your freedom!

A game made for Bored Pixels Jam #5

Font : Green Flame by Extram Studios

Color theme inspired by a pixel art made by Merrigo

Software/Hardware used : 

Game made with Godot

Cars created with MagicaVoxel and rendered by SpriteStack

Music made with a Mother-32 + a Mother-DFAM and recorded with Ardour

Other arts (Parallax layers and road) made with PyxelEdit

Install instructions

Not tested on Mac


FreeCar_Windows.zip 24 MB
FreeCar_Linux.zip 36 MB
FreeCar_Mac.zip 26 MB


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Very fun, great graphics, the models for the cars are awesome.

(1 edit)

Graphics look really nice though it would have been better to see more of the theme through it.  Also variation of roadblocks would be nice if it gets more polished after the jam. The music sounds cool as well.

I would've really liked it if the theme was presented more through the graphics and if there was a story or explanation for the gameplay inside the game itself.

By the way, the window closes itself whenever I hit a roadblock. Just a heads up!

I would've liked too, but I didn't manage to create good layers for my parallax, not enough skills in pixel art, also I didn't get time to create a story and put it in game

Also for roadblock, this is the only minimum feature I can implement in time, traffic, aircraft dropping spikestrips are in roadmap

Also turn and hill on the road (implemented but disable to produce a first version)

I hope you could polish it if you have the time after the jam! :D