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After the collapsing of the world and the rising waters, survivor of the humanity are force to sail on infinity seas. To survive and develop their fleet, , people try to recover material from the past world by piloting submarine in deep sea. In these depths, the light disappears, the pressure crack the hull, and some terrible animals prowl. You can only count on sonars. Lot of pilot are plagued by strong anxiety . Will you be enough brave to explore this world ?

This game is just a prototype. The demo has no objectives, you are just free of moving with the submarine and feeling the ambiance of seabed

Sources : https://github.com/nealith/DeepBlue

Install instructions

Not tested on windows and mac


Deepblue_Mac.zip 405 MB
DeepBlue_Windows.zip 403 MB
DeepBlue_Linux.zip 404 MB


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I will be happy to retry this game as soon as you'll (eventually) add a basic settings configuration functionality (screen res. / effects toggles / input schemas).
On my system it would run smoothly at a lower res. (800x600), and Input schema should be configurable for a QUERTY keyboard.

Thank you.

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Hey !

Thank you for your interest, unfortunately, this prototype is now discontinued. In fact, I should have taken it back from 0 (structure of the code/project is a real mess) but I just improved it and fixed bugs for my portfolio (the project was presented in February 2019 as school project).  You can change the size of the window, but anyway, the game is not optimized at all :( (even on my laptop, GTX1060 6GB, it's bad).